Choosing the right electronic cigarette

Indeed, smoking is not good for health, no need to push the door wide open, but the electronic cigarette, it is against by far less harmful to health . Of course it remains to ingest nicotine in the body, but other than that substance, nothing is wrong. Studies by leading researchers inthe world have demonstrated over and recovery, the electronic cigarette is less harmful to the tune of 99%.

Electronic cigarettes are present in the news, you might have to hear about the information in recent days. This is not a fashion accessory, a small gadget trend, no, the electronic cigarette can really help you.

Many online shops and many tobacco not far from allow you to buy an e-cigarette cheap, often accompanied by his casket, his case and useful and necessary accessories. These “boxes”, these complete kits includes cigarette, battery, and liquid.

The liquid is the essential thing in your adventure. Perfumes with or without nicotine that may have the smell of tobacco to the fruity scent, the perfume liquid, e- liquid refills, available in different dosages are needed to nicotines that you can gradually adapt to this new way smoking, vapoter.

When you have tested and consumed raw liquid refills may be you will make you realize that the newly acquired electronic cigarette is not strong enough. In this case do not hesitate to visit online shops to find the most powerful clearomiseurs and atomizers to give you the desired comfort.

Here are the Ten Commandments of the electronic cigarette that Moses was worn down Part3

1. – The first load is always the most important. Unlike sex, where the first time never lasts very long, your first battery charge should last about eight hours. Do not ask me why, it’s like that. Moses was not called to account to God on His commandments, and me either. The battery should keep you day.

2. – The e- liquid is the fundamental basis of vapotage . Choose a liquid that pleases you the first vape, and not that the best friend of Uncle Bebert has advised you. The best friend of Uncle Bebert love spinach, and you hate them. There is little chance that you like the same e -liquid than him. Many people do not adhere to vapotage because they are made to try a bad liquid, or you do not give them a choice. A bit like a Japanese came to France to try our food, and the guide took him try a meal at Flunch.

Тry liquids is the most important point. You must feel pleasure to vapoter, or you will not forget the cigarette.

3. – Adjust your weight nicotine. Better you to consult the research of Prof. Jean- Pol Tassin, who in addition to having a name to the unusual spelling will show you otherwise. You are addicted to tobacco and some additives, not nicotine ( scientific precautions should encourage me to put this conditional sentence, but since the pharmaceutical lobby has thrown out the window these precautions. However, the nicotine in the liquid will affect sensation in throat when vapotage.

More weight nicotine is important, the more you feel the steam pass through your throat. Be careful though, because a weight of too much nicotine may make your head spin, or make you want to spit out your breakfast. From experience, if you were a pack a day, I would recommend a liquid around 10mg/ml (between 8 and 12), and a pack and a half more, between 12 and 18mg/ml.

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